About Us

RESTART VZW is a no-profit association based in Brussels which promotes the socio-cultural integration, human rights and the enviromental awareness through cultural events wich involves the local society and artists. Restart organises different kinds of socio-cultural and artistic events such as the INTERNATIONAL DAYS OF PEACE and the DIY Day wich are completely free. The aim is to educate the participants (young people, families, artists, associations, etc.) about socio-cultural, enviromental, technological and economical issues. Members of Restart have different profiles and the result is an asssocciation rich in human capital and based on voluntary work. Forever, Restart encourages an active partecipation of its partners, members and volonteers on the production and management process of the event. Since 2012, RESTART organises the INTERNATIONAL DAYS OF PEACE each year, aimed to strengthen peace ideals. The act is to educate audience on a specific subject: PEACE. Marginalized groups can be involved into artistic and cultural stuff thanks to the fact that the festival is completely free.

URCA ASBL-VZW is a no-profit association based in Brussels which promotes dissemination and multidisciplinary continuing education (éducation permanente) by organizing cultural and artistic activities. The main purpose of the Usine Récréative de Cultures Autres (Recreational Factory of Alternatives Cultures) is the realization of a virtual and physical space where people can share their expertise, creativity and where the gathering is the basic ingredient for the implementation of projects, activities and events focused on social themes. It aims at the creation of workshops to learn, share, discuss, challenge, and build alternatives of cultural avant-garde, also through the discovery and promotion of off-stream artists in Brussels, Belgium, in Europe, in the world (!). Urca is a FACTORY of ideas, a place of popular CULTURE for creating and sharing experiences, a RECREATIONAL environment made by people for people, where the goal is all the development of the OTHER in all its forms.

website: www.urca-asbl.org